About Us

This is us at our great grand sons first birthday   Hello and welcome  to 4granskids:

You have probably guessed by now that my site was developed by a granny and in fact a great granny. 

I lost my business to a massive fire just last year and decided to focus on the grandchildren. I have 7 grand children and 1 great grand son.  There are 7 boys and just one little girl who lives in the Philippines. They range in age from 1 to 23

I love them all dearly and because I still feel fit and healthy I wanted to keep my mind active. I am not  going to sit around in an arm chair knitting and waiting till its my time to leave this earth.  That is why I decided to have a go at building an online business.

I was a teacher in my earlier years and so I know the importance of education especially with very young children and grand parents can be a big help in this role. 

As grand parents we can read stories and play games that stimulate thinking with our young grand children. When we buy presents for them it is a wise grand parent who chooses gifts which will enhance a childs' learning. 

I have also added some other items to the store which are not strictly for learning but more for the childs' safety and well being.  Some of these would be the thermometers, or the corner protection gadgets. Take a look at the different collections.

 I have also added a small selection of gifts for mum. Sometimes it is just nice to have a little something for our daughters or daughters in law just to let them know we love them.

I hope you find the perfect gifts  for your children or grand children at 4granskids.com.

Please like and share  I really appreciate your engagement with my store.