Maths Whizz.

Maths is important all through our lives. We need and use it in so many ways but many children and adults too have a fear of mathematics and whenever confronted with a problem will experience a mental block. I was a primary school teacher and a secondary maths teacher and I know this to be true. 

  • Maths needs to be fun so that it is not feared. 

  • Maths needs to be experienced not theorized.

  • Maths can be learned like language, start early

  • Maths should be interactive and practical.

If you would like your child to be comfortable learning maths then introduce them to the language of maths from a very early age. Engage with mathematical concepts in  everyday activities. For example, when you cut a sandwich teach them whole, half and quarter.

When you travel in the car or walk down discuss the time it took and the distance travelled.

When you go shopping share the monetary transaction with your child..

We have a great maths play activity which is available at the moment at a fantastically low price. For just over $10 you can't possibly go wrong with this. It would be an excellent tool to grow your childs confidence in Maths. 

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