Just for Kids and Mums

Hi and welcome to my new store.  I am just starting out as an almost 70 year old with my first Shopify Store.  Its a steep learning curve for me  but as I learn I will improve so please be patient with me and my store. 

I aim to supply a range of different  and unique, even quirky things for those special young people in your life.  If you have a childs birthday coming up, you will find some good kids gifts which wont break your budget in my store. Have fun and enjoy looking for those gifts that are a little different but also practical.

The adorable little girl you see here is my grand daughter. She has not long turned 3 and I have to tell you , it is just the cutest age. She has a bright and bubbly personality and is fluent in two languages. 

I started this store because I really wanted to keep my brain active and also because I like to shop online myself.  

I like being able to browse through a range of products without someone wanting to help me the minute I walk in the store.  Online shopping means you can shop from home , in your own time when it suits you best. For those who live away from town it saves a lot of travel too. 

I have tried to source products that are good quality and good value. If you purchase something that does not meet those criteria, I would really appreciate your feedback so that the items concerned are removed from my store. 

I am also interested in hearing from you, my visitors  any ideas of products you would like to see added.to the store. 

The products I have chosen so far are all within most peoples budget, they are not priced over the top. 

From time to time I will have some super specials and if you would like to hear about these then sign up in the store. 

I hope you will engage with me on this journey. I am a real person, not a robot and I can chat to you on a one to one basis. So stop by and say hello and browse through the store.


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