It Has Started.

Yes it has started. Everywhere I look its there.  Each shop I enter lets me know something is not far away. Well not too far away, just 2 months.

You can guess what it is ?     That's right, Christmas stuff is everywhere. All the colors of Christmas, the red, green, silver and gold. hit you in the eyes as soon as you enter almost every store.. 

There is no escapnig it now, it will be in your face for the next two months without any let up. You can be sucked in by it, you can be annoyed by it or you can love it. 

But it is a good reminder to start getting ready.You can avoid that last minute rush where you compete with hundreds of other people in the major stores or you can sit at home and find there is much to choose from online.  You can prepare your self with a list and search online for the most appropriate gifts for each one and tick them off as you go.

I don't know about you but I find being confronted by copious amounts of gifts and things to choose from  can be really overwhelming. I find it is often easier when the choice is narrower and then less confusing it becomes so much easier to find something to suit each one. 

I have put together a selection of  gifts for all ages of children in 4granskids. You can browse them by category  or within the collections.

 This month we are featuring things suitable for the teenage kids.  They are often the most difficult to buy for but I am sure you will find some good ideas. 

I will also suggest a couple here :



Or a book is always good such as 

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