Great News :

Hello and welcome. Great news! My shop is now open for business.. It is evolving and developing but it is open so come on in and browse. 

 I am seeking to source gifts for mums and kids that are a bit different from the run of the mill and are reasonably priced. I hope you like what we have and keep watching as we add new products. Later on we might include some unique gifts for dads too.  

Take a look at these. I thought these were such a neat idea to keep track of  your kids and they would think they were really cool to wear and look how inexpensive they are. 

Thats just one idea and there are many more.



I am learning to build websites through a site called  Wealthy Affilliate  Its a very easy to follow  sequential lesson system which does not cost an arm and a leg..  If you are interested you might like to click on the link and take a look.  We are never too old to learn new things and I am enjoying the process. Learn with me


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