Child Runs off While in Grandmothers Care

3 Year Old Boy Boy  Runs Away from Grandmother while Shopping:

That could have been a newspaper headline  20 years ago

It is so easy to lose a child in a crowd or busy shopping center.

 I remember when I was looking after my two young grand sons at a large shopping center . One was a baby in a pusher, the other a mischeivious 3 year old who walked along beside. We had finished the shopping and were loaded up with parcels when the we decided it was time to go to Mackas for a treat. 

Everything was fine till the 3 year old took off toward a large Target store.  I quickly gathered up all the shopping and ran with the pusher and parcels to where I thought I would find him. 

There were two security officers standing at the door so I asked if a small boy had entered the store.  "Yes just a minute ago was,' the reply, " he went that way."  "Then please block him if he goes to leave the store" I pleaded.  I went to the toy section of the store and found him there quite unaware of the trauma he had caused me.  I was petrified that somebody may have abducted him or that he might wander out into the street before I found him . I was  frantic and very anxious . I bent down and gave him a slap around the legs and said with it " don't you ever do that again!"  I felt like every eye was on me, as if I were an abusive grandmother but I felt I had to instill the message in this child that it was not OK to run off.

So Yes I do know how easy it is to lose track of a child and I know first hand the anxiety it causes for those looking after them. , 

Parenting is difficult enough so anything that can reduce the pressure has to be a good investment.

We did not have GPS devices then, at least not like we do now.  I would definitely invest in one of these.

What is the value of your childs life? 

What is the price of extreme anxiety for the parent?


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